Teeth Extractions in Westwood

Extractions is a common procedure where an injured, a decayed or diseased tooth is removed from the socket. Primarily, an oral surgeon will perform a tooth extraction. However, your dentist may carry out a simple extractions in office.

Teeth extractions

Our dentist at Starry Dental is experienced and highly skilled at performing teeth extractions in Westwood. We aim to keep your teeth in place, but sometimes this is the best option.

First, your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and x-rays thoroughly before removing a tooth. We always prefer to preserve your teeth, but sometimes an extractions is unavoidable. Therefore, we make sure the procedure is as quick and pain-free as possible.

The treatment area will be numbed completely before the tooth is extracted. At Starry Dental, our primary concern is patient comfort.

Types of Tooth Removal Procedures

The first step in planning any tooth removal is an x-ray evaluation. This is done to assess the position of the root and healthy of the surrounding jaw bone. Dental imaging allows your dentist to detect potential problems early. In addition, a complete medical history and a list of current medications are recorded. Then, we will discuss your options for anesthesia.

At Starry Dental, we offer two types of tooth removal: simple extractions and surgical extractions.

Your dentist can usually perform a simple extractions when the affected tooth erupts and visible. This procedure is usually completed under local anesthesia.

Surgery is needed if the tooth is not easily accessible. In these cases, the tooth may be impacted, has only erupted partially, or has broken below the gumline.

With surgical extractions, your dentist or oral surgeon may make an incision through the gum tissue covering the tooth. Sometimes, the tooth must be broken into pieces to make it easier to remove. Typically, general anesthesia is used for surgical extractions.

Extractions at Starry Dental

Removing a tooth is only considered after all other options are ruled out. Call us today at Starry Dental to find out more about tooth extractions in Westwood, NJ.

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