Invisalign® in Westwood, NJ

Braces are one of the most frequently seen forms of orthodontia among children, teenagers, and adults. Dental braces are used to straighten teeth and correct the alignment of the jaws. They are commonly worn by children and teenagers, but more and more adults are investing in braces because they were unable to afford them as young adults.

One thing we have noticed at Starry Dental, PC though is that many older teenagers and adults often feel uncomfortable with braces. Society often associates them with naivety and youth, which can make professionals uncomfortable. Young adults might also think they look distracting, embarrassing, or ugly, which can cause a major blow to self-confidence. To help our patients feel more comfortable with themselves, while still straightening their teeth and correcting their jaw alignment, we now offer Invisalign®.

What It Is

Invisalign is a new form of orthodontia that straightens the teeth using a series of clear aligners that are shaped to match a person’s jaw while applying consistent, gentle pressure over a period of time. The aligners are practically invisible and mold perfectly to the teeth, allowing patients to smile with confidence since no one will be able to tell the braces are there.

Most patients will go through 7 or 8 aligners and will be expected to wear them for a period of 6 to 18 months depending on the severity of a person’s misalignment, overbite, or underbite. Not everyone can wear Invisalign, so it’s important to schedule an appointment with a qualified Westwood Orthodontist provider to determine whether or not the aligners will be right for you.

The Benefits

The greatest benefits that patients cite is being able to straighten the teeth without having to feel self-conscious about wearing orthodontic devices. Many patients enjoy being able to smile in the morning and see their natural teeth instead of being bombarded by the obvious metal and wires of traditional braces. The aligners are also more comfortable, do not need to be painfully tightened, and do not cut up the mouth like traditional braces.

Finally, the Invisalign aligners can be taken out to brush and floss the teeth at night, making it easier to maintain overall oral health and wellness. If you are looking for Invisalign near you? Starry Dental is most renowned orthodontic dentistry in Westwood, NJ. We look forward to see you and your family.

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